I am a certified mediator and am available for private mediation or court-appointed mediation.

Mediation is an alternative option to resolve a conflict without going to trial.  A mediator is a neutral third-party who helps facilitate a conversation that could lead to an agreement or settlement that is put into writing.  If mediation is a part of a court action, the resulting written agreement is legally binding.  If no agreement is reached, the mediator is bound to strict confidentiality.  Therefore, anything said in mediation cannot be used later in court.  A mediator cannot disclose information even if subpoenaed to be a witness.  What happens at mediation, stays at mediation!

Often what people want most out of a conflict or lawsuit is to be heard.  They want the opportunity to express what they are dissatisfied with.  Mediation gives each party the opportunity to be heard in a way that almost never happens in the court.  By participating in mediation, parties have the opportunity to express themselves and be heard in a controlled environment where the focus then becomes resolving the conflict.

Statistics show that parties that reach agreements are less likely to violate or object to the agreements than court orders.  It makes sense, right?  The parties are more likely to follow through with something that is agreed to because they each had a say in it.  That saves both people the agony and expense of reappearing in court over the years.

Mediation is now court-ordered as part of the process of every divorce case in many counties throughout the state.  It is an excellent way to avoid a very difficult court experience on such an emotional and personal matter and it has the potential to save the divorcing couple money.

Feel free to contact my office to have any questions you have about this service answered or to schedule a mediation.