"Alice's reputation is unassailable."  

- Charles H. Gross, Attorney at Law


"Alice's integrity and dedication are among her greatest characteristics.  She is honest in her dealings with others and she carries out the commitments that she undertakes.  Alice handles each client with understanding, creativity, and determination in assisting them."

                                                                   - Michelle Kapnick, Legal Assistant


"Alice is one of the most honest and ethical people that I know.  Her reputation is top-shelf!"

                                                      - Lisa Lambright, Mortgage Loan Originator


"Ms. Bernal is extremely smart, hardworking, and a credit to the legal profession."

                                                              - Michael J. Hamblin, Attorney at Law


"Alice uses honesty with patience and grace.  Her reputation is distinguished with honor and truthfulness.  Her moral choices credit her to be one of right-mindedness and integrity.  She is of upstanding character and timely speech.  Alice is one of the most un-biased and ethical people I know.  She has a strong and intelligent mind.  I conscientiously recommend her and use her as my own attorney."

                                                   -Kimberly Bauer, Director of Faith Foundation